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Station Setup

November 11, 2012 By: pclaver Category: Station


160m: Vertical Tower 60 Radials, Dipole and HI-Z Reception Antennas with 8 positions

80m: Vertical Tower 150 Radials , Dipole and Vertical Up the Mountain also HI-Z Reception Antennas with 8 positions

80m: New 5 Elements Yagi One to USA and the Other to EU

40m: Stack 3/3 Full Size Yagi YV5APF Antennas

20m: Stack 6/6/6 OWA Yagis

15m: Stack 5/5/5  Yagis M2 Antennas

10m: Stack 6/6/6 OWA Yagis and

10m: Stack 9/9 K3LR Big Bertha Antennas

Shack: Radios Icom 7800, 7700, 7600, Elekrafts K3S, Amplifiers Alphas 8410 for 5 bands and 9500



N1MMLogger Running

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